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  1. motorp77

    The smartest plays of the NBA season

    incredible from thinking basketball
  2. motorp77

    Embiid choose Team USA for Olympics

    the hardest road
  3. motorp77

    Damian Lillard is traded to the Bucks

    WTFFFFF Bucks easily favorite now imo
  4. motorp77

    Wembumnyama bows down to the chet god

    chet holgrem virtually outplayed wembumnyama to win summer league first game mvp of the day
  5. motorp77

    NBA draft and FA thread !

    I'm a big fan of the NBA ! What do you think of the Bradley Beal trade ? Where will CP3 go ? Will Victor be as good as people think ?
  6. LoveYooShaSha


  7. GH0ST

    I’m traumatized with this mascot-

    ALL HAIL KING CAKE BABY nah- but fr- what were the New Orleans Pelicans thinking?????
  8. H

    Who is watching the NBA?

    What team are you rooting for? Who is your favorite player atm?
  9. Handcrafted

    NBA Finals (Suns vs Bucks)

    Did your team make the finals? I hope the Suns finally get a championship this year. It’s gonna be a good series.
  10. Handcrafted

    NBA Finals

    Which team are you rooting for? Most people I know are going for the Lakers and I’m rooting for the Suns. They’re matched up against each other in the first round so this should be fun.
  11. RainbowDevil

    Why is only the NBA interesting curretly (out of sports)

    I've literally heard nothing from every other sport, and it's not for a lack of searching. I've heard about gold, the nfl, tennis too and other stuff but everything is so damn boring rn... The most interesting thing about the Superbowl is The Weeknd performing :yes: So yea, sports are dead in...
  12. RainbowDevil

    The Harden trade will fail

    I'm just gonna make my thoughts clear. Stupidest trade I've seen in a while. Getting a 3rd exclusively attacking player for your entire future... instead of just a defensive player... literal stupidity. They might do ok regular season wise. They will be abused in the playoffs and unless they...
  13. RainbowDevil

    Appreciation Got back into NBA

    Recently both my news feed and I personally have begun following the NBA again and well... what can I do, I used to play basketball and the NBA always seemed like the only interesting league 90% of the time so. This season is interesting tho with both Covid and a lot of other changes within...
  14. AnotherKpopTrash

    NBA shot chart quiz Here's a fun quiz for NBA fans. I thought it was a pretty novel idea. @itzybitzyblink @perhapz