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  1. Jewel

    Appreciation He is so stunningly handsome

    Mark Lee you are gorgeous! @NCTzen @NCT Dream @NCT 127
  2. Jewel

    Performance 230101 SMTOWN LIVE NCT (NCT U + NCT127 + NCTDREAM + WayV + Collaboration) 무대

    @NCTzen @NCT Dream @NCT 127 @WayZenNi
  3. izcream

    favourite nct unit?

    my favourite nct unit would probably be wayv and nct u :wimwim: wbu? what are your fav nct units? @NCTzen
  4. maruberry

    NCTzens... how well do you know all the members?

    We all have our favourites one way or another We all have the members we know really well and some we aren't that familiar with! Sooooo who are the ones you know really well and who are you more iffy with? For the ones I know like really really well are Kun & Chenle, bcs they are well... my...
  5. maruberry

    NCTzens really sometimes make me mad

    NCTzens very often make me kinda mad! Especially the ones who say they like the whole group, but then if you start talking with them it turns out they are ignorant to basically anything and everything WayV has been doing! The ones who act like Winwin is the worst treated idol in the world and...
  6. maruberry

    Appreciation NCTzens, don't forget about Qian Kun... Please!

    Qian Kun is perfection He is an actual angel on earth and it hurts to see people forget him just like that! His vocals are heavenly, but why does he always get left out whenever people talk about NCT's amazing vocals! His visuals are perfect, so why does he always get left out when people talk...
  7. Belgizen


    Yes! I finally made an official KpopSource NCTzen discord! Pm me for the link :llama_squish:
  8. Belgizen

    Information NCTzens have donated to Shining Foundation

    This is kinda an update on a project that was started in December 2018. A big Twitter account, @NCT_Safety, an international account of NCTzens for NCTzens has started all of this. NCTzens might have seen this on their feed. I have followed this project since it started and I kinda feel...