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  1. colorfulteardrop

    I did met a few idolgroups

    I'm currently in Seoul and met a few idols the last couple of days. I did saw a practice of D-Crunch, Neonpunch and Dongkiz (I think it was them) Today D1CE has a fansign event in the COEX Mall. Not the idols I wish to see, but it is nice to see some of them.
  2. makestar

    News NeonPunch's another album is getting ready after TicToc (Project reached 100% on April 15!!!)

    After NeonPunch's success of TicToc, NeonPunch members Dayeon, Baekah, May, Dohee and Iaan are taking a short break but there IS another album coming up AND the album is now being crowdfunded on Makestar. Check out the details right here NeonPunch Comeback Support Project or even better, join...
  3. A

    MV NeonPunch is finally back with "Tic Toc"

    But it's absolutely nothing I expected. Fortunately CLC is coming back in 6 hours so, ANTICIPATE.
  4. A

    Teaser NeonPunch starts teasing for their "Tic Toc" comeback

    They will introduce a new teaser every day. Dayeon was first, Baekah was second, May is third and it seems they are preparing a bop. Full release on January 30th.