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new groups

  1. suki

    which kpop groups set to debut in 2022 do you support?

    i personally can't wait for bighit's new groups to debut, like Trainee A and the long awaited girl groups! the i-land 2 show for girl groups is what i'm dying to see, and the HYBE x Geffen collab project is just so exciting i cant T^T. i also want to see the lineup for NCT Hollywood and the...
  2. maruberry

    Pick 2 groups, rearrange the members to make new ones.

    For example, I will take EXO and Seventeen and redistribute all the members into 2 new groups. You can use any 2 groups (or more if you want) to make the new ones, all members have to be used though! XTeen: A group focused on the vocals, with a couple of great dancers thrown in. This group has...