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new me

  1. alo

    parts in kpop songs that transport you to another dimension?

    credits to @jesus_christ and @ilychan cause i saw them do these kinds of threads before me :pandalove: !! anyway it's actually such a shame how i don't talk so much about seungcheol over here, even when he's my ult. anyway appreciate his heavenly whispered post-bridge chorus here's his...
  2. kuro

    Appreciation yet another iconic username change

    hello bitchez! hyunaspandahoe who? this is kuroyuri @Jimimis @NogaNono @Bara @Riasama @JungYoda @Yolks @Pigeon @Mangoey @goyo @SugaRush @deadstar @Skinnny @MonCherry @crybaby @winwinlucas123 @Soleski @Dopamine @BritishLuvie@igloo @lexusuwu @baekk @bulletproof @itzybitzyblink @Queen...