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  1. 1princessdora

    Intro Introduction Thread Take #1

    Umm, Hi. I'm new to this website and new to K-POP in general. I first got into K-POP when I heard a song that I liked. #DYNAMITE I looked up who sung the song and was surprised to see it was a Korean boy band. I never really knew much about BTS. I heard about it one time with my friend, but I...
  2. W

    Intro Hello everyoane!

    Hi, I'm Emily. Nice to meet u all!
  3. xakya_is_weird

    Guess who finally got a phone👀👀

    Hey y’all it’s been a while since I came up here...not gon lie I forgot I had an account... but now since I have a phone I can try and be more active if you want😬....umm I have an iPhone 7 Plus👀...oh and you can thank my aunt for giving me her old one😁...Ummm I have Snapchat if anyone wants mine...
  4. wonton

    Intro Hello Humans!

    Hi! I new here! And I don't really know what I'm doing :llama_shook: Anyway, I'm wonton because I am a Seventeen fan and my bias is Wonwoo who looks like a dumpling when his cheeks is full! (Get it? Wonwoo? Wonton? The dumpling? Nvm :llama_wave:) I am also a lowkey Day6 and Got7 fan...