1. LoveYooShaSha

    Performance N.Flying 'Moonshot' Live performance • Seezn

    N.Flying 'Moonshot' Live performance • Seezn @N.Fia
  2. Taehyun

    Teaser Seunghyub looking deliciously fine in new 'Clicker' teasers

    oh my godddddd he looks so good with blonde hair, the exposed forehead and that 90s kpop group looking hairstyle!!! he's out here looking so fine for what, for who and for why? :junweary: anticipate ON THE TRACK
  3. Darkseid

    News Top 10 most watched MVs of 2019 in Korea according to Youtube Rewind

    YouTube Rewind has published the top 10 most watched MVs of 2019 in South Korea. A few takeaways: - No surprises with BTS lol. - Itzy ranking higher than BP and Twice, and having 2 entries on this list shows they're really popular in Korea rn. Also shows how successful Dalla Dalla really was...