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  1. Marianthi

    Appreciation So I just finished watching Twice's Youtube documentary...

    And damn I cried so freaking hard. I saw the first part and I was like "yeap time to get Prime for this". Totally worth it. The girls are absolutely some of the most genuine people I have ever seen. It literally is what you see is what you get. Their work ethic is amazing but what's even more...
  2. Marianthi

    Appreciation This is why she is God Jihyo

    Girl is slayiiiing!!! All of them are on their concert but Jihyo just proved why we call her God Jihyo. Girl is freaking amazing! On par with Momo, the best dancer on this gen. Stan God Jihyo and stan Twice!!:pepeheart::pepeheart:
  3. Marianthi

    Appreciation Twice are just so pretty in those photos!

    Enjoy prettiness at its finest!!:llama_ramen:llama_twerk
  4. Marianthi

    News Twice Announces World tour!!!

    Omg it's happening!!!!
  5. NeoSquare

    News SM trademarks possible ngg name?

    On December 3rd, SM has trademarked a new word, making people think this could be SM's new girl group. The word they trademarked is "SPRY" ('sprai'), which means agile/light/graceful A few weeks ago, JYP trademarked the name ITZY. This means both groups are set to debut soon so the 4th gen...