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  1. FaceMcShooty

    18+ Does your bias have...

    Does your bias have nice butt? :dubuthink:
  2. maruberry

    Appreciation SLEEEEEEEP

    I am sleepy, so I am gonna go sleep! Celebrate this, I've been sleaping reasonably for a few days now! (at the expense of my KPS time, but sleep >>>) To show my dedication to sleep, here are some of my favorite sleepy Woozi pics! And with those I bid you all a very good night and shall snuggle...
  3. maruberry

    Appreciation To the ARMYs on this site

    I love you all! I'm not a BTS fan anymore and I haven't considered myself an ARMY for years now, but you all REALLY make me consider re-stanning at times! You are some of the most amazing people and every time I have a bad encounter with ARMY somewhere else, I think about how lucky I and KPS is...