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    Don't know why they're releasing a 2021 season's greetings in October 2020 but they look adorable so who cares? :haylul: @Girl Group We should really make a NiziU tag, huh?
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    News J.Y. Park is planning a male version of NiziU and also an American girl group in the near future

    It was recently reported that J.Y. Park is currently planning to do a male version of the 'Nizi Project' consisting of Japanese boys to form an idol group. Earlier this year, the 'Nizi Project' ended in a success, and the girl group NiziU gained much popularity from Japan as they made their...
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    News NiziU To OFFICIALLY Debut On December 2nd With 'Step And A Step'

    JYP Entertainment's first ever J-Pop girl group NiziU will be releasing their debut single, 'Step and a Step'! NiziU's 1st Japanese single 'Step and a Step' is set for release this December 2, marking the girl group's official debut. Back in June of this year, NiziU greeted fans with the...
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    Reality [NiziU LOG] #1 SUMMER Vlog

    @Girl Group
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    Who do y'all think will make the final Nizi lineup?

    It's hard to predict without a set number of members but I don't think all 13 will debut. The five that I'm currently most confident in are Mako, Miihi, Rima, Rio & Nina but I'm starting to feel a little nervous for Nina especially seeing how much some of the others have improved vocally with...
  6. NeoSquare

    Predict NIZI's final lineup

    I recently was hooked on NIZI and started (partially) bingewatching it. So who do you expect to make it? And who do you want to be included? We don't exactly know how many members there'll be so you can pick any number (or OT13). 1st one is Nina. I think it was already clear from her audition...