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not ok

  1. maruberry

    18+ What Kai deserves

    Kai deserves a good spanking who does he think he is strutting his perfect little ass and abs around like that? Who does he think he IS! I mean he would probably like one aswell He is just oozing that vibe of flaunting it to get it he wants somebody to come and take a hold of him So for fucks...
  2. maruberry

    Appreciation LAY WHY, WHY! JUST WHY!

    WHO ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN! WHO! FUCK ME I AM NOT OK AND I JUST CAN'T AND I JUST LOVE HIM AND HE LOOKS SO GOOD AND HIS VOICE AND SomEBODY PLEASE SAVE ME! :pandasad: :pandasad: :pandasad: :pandasad: :pandasad: :pandasad: :pandasad: :pandasad: :pandasad: