oh! oh!

  1. Danee

    Teaser [BERRY GOOD - OH! OH!] Final member teaser is out. Gowoon finalize the set.

    MV teaser will be out in few hours. Preorder of this FANTASTIC mini is already open. If you missed previous teasers, here we go! Daye isnt participating due to her calf muscle rupture.
  2. Danee

    Teaser [BERRY GOOD - OH! OH!] Sehyung is the prettiest flower in her concept teaser

    This style / concept suits her the best (since the Very Berry teasers). Wonder how the mv will look since the concepts are both positive and depressive, fresh and "post-apo"...
  3. Danee

    Teaser [BERRY GOOD - Oh! Oh!] Seoyul looking sad but dreamy

    Both Seoyul and her sister Yuna are pretty, talneted in both singing and dancing, yet so underrated, please support them.
  4. Danee

    Photo Oh! Oh! Will bring out girls' hidden visuals

    Cuties! ❤
  5. Danee

    Photo Johyun sharing beautiful selfie from Oh! Oh! bts

    Beauty queen
  6. Danee

    Teaser [BERRY GOOD - Oh! Oh!] Johyun's concept video giving different vibes

    Compared to Taeha's clean pink set its kinda dark and ruined. Wonder why. Looks like some money were used on the concept and graphics too.