1. LeeHoseok

    News Monsta X Kihyun, I.M, and WONHO spotted together at Gimpo Airport returning from Jeju

    CRYING FOREVER, MY OT7 HEARTTTT!!!! :pikahappy: :pikahappy: :pikahappy: :pikahappy: :pikahappy: :pikahappy: :pikahappy: :sadcat: :sadcat: :sadcat: :sadcat: @Monbebe
  2. PrideInBaek

    Appreciation Reason why I love BTS

    They're a lying, betraying, mess of a group :lisalaugh:
  3. marublade

    The way EXO-Ls are scarred to the point of numbness

    It's kinda hilarious how EXO-ls are by this point. Everybody is happy for good news naturally, but when there are bad news like Yixing not being in the comeback (once again) or members enlisting etc etc... We are just like.. Yeah... Sure, go do that. Business as usual! It's like out tolerance...
  4. marublade

    News Hopes for an OT7 EXO comeback exist [Yixing in Korea, spotted at SM]

    Don't mind my delulu ass, this happens every time before an EXO comeback.
  5. marublade

    Are people who claim to love the whole group equally lying?

    I see people (Especially on twitter) saying that they are OT7 or OT9 biased or whatever when asked who their bias is. I feel like they are liars, I think it would be impossible to love them all equally! I get not being able to choose a bias, that can happen, but I feel like you would like some...