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p nation

  1. JakeyWantsCakey

    News PSY & JYP will create two boy groups through SBS new tv show 'LOUD', broadcast premiere date set for 5th June!

    'LOUD' won't be, a typical survival tv show because instead of creating just one boy group the duo of producers - PSY & JYP will create two boy groups. One will later debut under P Nation, and the other will debut under JYP Entertainment. The two producers plan to introduce the "new generation"...
  2. Darkseid

    Teaser HyunA- Good Girl Teaser

    Originally this was supposed to be her pre-release track before the actual comeback, when it was still scheduled for 2020. Now after I'm Not Cool, she's releasing the MV finally tomorrow (Feb 3rd). A teaser has been posted...
  3. JakeyWantsCakey

    News JYP & P Nation Set To Make Joint Audition Show "LOUD"

    SBS is creating a new boy group audition show with JYP Entertainment and P NATION! Previously, JYP Entertainment hinted that they were working on a new project called “LOUD.” On November 2, SBS officially announced they will be launching audition show “LOUD” with JYP Entertainment’s Park Jin...
  4. Darkseid


    Dawn's solo cb is a flex song, and tbh I like it quite a lot. The lyrics are done really well, we have a lot of flex songs in Kpop but since the lyrics are pretty personal here, you can relate it to him much easier. All the references to Psy, Hyuna and even Jessi coming in with her Nunu Nana and...
  5. JakeyWantsCakey

    Where the hell is Hyuna???

    I feel like she hasn't had a comeback in FOREVER!!! Did Flower Shower flop of something? What is P Nation doing with her? They're doing a good job with Jessi right now, what about Hyuna and Dawn???
  6. JakeyWantsCakey

    MV Jessi (제시) - 'Numb' MV

    This is such a BOP! I love it when Jessi sings, her voice is so powerful and soulful!
  7. Darkseid

    News P Nation taking over the world (Super detailed PSY interview about Jessi, Hyuna, E'Dawn and P Nation by Billboard)

    Source: PSY Shares the Vision for His New P NATION Label & Next Chapter as an Artist: Exclusive PSY Shares the Vision for His New P NATION Label & Next Chapter as an Artist: Exclusive P NATION TRAINEES P NATION is also the home to twenty-something male and female trainees who are...
  8. JakeyWantsCakey

    Comeback (18+) HyunA's first comeback under P Nation...

    A song dedicated to Hyojong