1. bulletproof

    News BTS Persona is the best-selling worldwide album in 2019

    'Map of the soul: Persona' has more than 4 millions of sold copies, being the only korean album with this number The album was released in April and became the best-selling worldwide album in 2019 :sanapray:
  2. marublade

    What I think of Map of the soul: Persona

    MIKROKOSMOS: I loved the beginning, it sounded very promising, Then came the chorus and it became boring and just very avarage MAKE IT RIGHT: I became bored. It is a good song, but it is missing OOOMPH. It is like background music to me, not really there but something buzzing in my ears. I...
  3. Soleski

    Bts sub unit

    So Persona's track descriptions is out and it looks like Jamais vu is performed by Jhope, Jin and Jungkook :llama_lovely: Also Make it right is written by Ed Sheeran and Dyonisus is a hiphop track :pandahappy: I am so excited :pandalove: