1. xakya_is_weird

    Photo wanna see something cool👀

    It's baby Xakya'll probably don't even want to see this but whatever..... sorry if the photo is blurry it's an old photo....finna roast my a$$ why are you so close to the camera tho:susPepe:...big head a$$:pikahappy:.....why yo mouth open:zoomeyes:..... I hope...
  2. P

    Face Reveal time Hurray

    I air brushed to look more quality the photo. But here I am <3 Enjoy :)
  3. whatever

    Performance Why just why (rant thread, sorry) ?

    I'm going to be honest there. As a starlight (Vixx's fan for the noobs here :susPepe:), I know of course Jellyfish has made a new BG : Verivery. But I was not impressed by them. Nice of course,but forgettable. lol and I forget them for a little while. Still. I was not a Starlight right away (I...
  4. FaceMcShooty

    Photo Post the worst photo of your bias

    Post the worst photo of your bias :jenniesmug: Sorry Kevin:
  5. GoldenBunny

    Appreciation This boy has been looking extra fine lately

    I feel obligated as a stan to share how good Jeon Jungkook looked this week, what with his wavy hair and exposed forehead. Just... damn. :pepeheart: The man, the myth, the legend that is 190405 JK: