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  1. maruberry

    What do you think of this idol?

    What do you think of this idol based only on these pictures? PS: Yes, the tattoo is real
  2. kuro

    post some cute bp gifs!

    my irl friend's birthday is tomorrow, and she loves bp (only bp, so she refuses to join kps smh) her bias is jennie and I need to make her a little something so post some pictures, gifs, whatever of jennie or the girls I will be forever grateful :sanapray:
  3. maruberry

    Appreciation Post your favorite picture of your 2nd favorite idol!

    Not your ult-bias! a picture of the idol, who is your 2nd favorite out of all idols! For me, that would be IZ*ONE Chaeyeon! (Since Woozi and Kai are both first... Don't argue or I will bite!)
  4. kuro

    Intro #myfuglylife

    here you are folks || 2017 me I know i'm really not that pretty lol, and I have black eyes, not grey, but here I am~