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please love me

  1. Wicked

    Intro hello all of le newbies

    Hi, I am known as Spooks. I've been here since the beginning of time. I used to be a mod and graphics team member but my attention span is like a 5 year old so I quit can you believe I'm actually older than most of you? haha rip (anyway but I still love you staff team) Anyways, I am one of your...
  2. MochiFace

    Intro The introduction of the most popular nugu

    i don't remember if i did one and i'm bored so i'll do an introduction now Personal information → Birth : 26/01/1998 → Birth place : A very small city in france → Boy → Study : Law student My physique : → Dark hair → Dark brown eyes → Metis → 182 cm ( i want to be taller :'( ) origins ...