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  1. doll

    (NFL content) if the cheifs dont fucking win this game against the steelers....

    they wont go to the super bowl- and if they do they would have no chance and the cowboys lost and i needed them to win because if the cheifs went against the cowboys at the superbowl we would win but they LOST to fucking San Fransisco like 10 minutes ago if these bitches dont win im going to...
  2. maruberry

    Songs that deserve an official release

    I am gonna kick this off with the classic "What kind of a future" by Woozi a song so good it trended months after it was last performed a song with no studio version TT and for my lovely @Jimimis GIVE THIS SONG AN MV
  3. maruberry

    how would you describe me?

    Let's say your friend signs up for this forum and sees one of my threads. She/he then asks you what I am like! How would you describe me to them? (Be honest... Y'all know I won't mind it!)
  4. maruberry

    Does anybody on this site know butterflies?

    Can anybody tell me what kind of a butterfly this is? EDIT: After some research, this might actually be a moth? EDIT 2: I found out what it is! it is the Purple Tiger or Rhyparia purpurata