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  1. Ghostface

    Running AWAY from GHOSTS

    My mind is limitless my dreams are realised I am no longer afraid of voices but I am afraid of me my unjust decisions blind me and deafen me I can no longer feel I feel like my skin is peeling like flakes at christmas but all I am is a hindrance an embarrassment to society I will not give in...
  2. Saythename17

    What are your favourite poem(s)?

    Mine are To the Evening Star, Chimney Sweepers - William Blake Remember - Christina Rossetti Sonnet 141 - Shakespeare To The Nile - John Keats A Bird came down the walk - Emily Dickinson What about you?
  3. Ghostface

    The Spring in my Step (Rhyming Schemes and Traditonal Themes)

    When writing poetry, do you guys follow the traditional writing methods, or do your own thing for the most part? i.e. rhyming and following a set theme for example. I never used to follow a rhyming scheme, but then I decided to. To get a feel of the great poets before me, I look up to. In...