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point point point to my ranking

  1. Chahee

    anon for post 2000

    yeah what the title says, i wont close it this time
  2. Chahee

    Appreciation saviortxt Thread title length must be at least 10 characters.

    @SaviorTXT what if TXT breaks all Twice achievs :sanapray::chickill::chickill: Yeah, I dont like dms
  3. Chahee

    Appreciation Are u.....................

    A Jang Gyuri lover? I am (no question from google this time)
  4. Chahee

    Appreciation Isn't it good

    When you want so much to be in a place, or to meet someone, that you run for it with all your strength Stream Crown
  5. Chahee

    Appreciation How much of a chuunibyou are u?

    Chuunibyou A Japanese slang term which roughly translates to "Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome". People with chuunibyou either act like a know-it-all adult and look down on real ones, or believe they have special powers unlike others. This is a common stage in growth; for most people, it...
  6. Chahee

    Appreciation hani are u...................

    @winwinlucas122 @winwinlucas123 so how's the training going? Showing everyone who's the boss and who they should worship?
  7. Chahee

    Appreciation When you want to show you don't care

    Once you say you don't care, it clearly shows that you care. So your only option is to just disappear, so that way it'll be sure that you don't care. But you still want to make sure with words, then you thought all about it then it just shows again you really care. So... what to do? Stream...