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point point point to the less

  1. Chahee

    Appreciation The things of things

    A non sequitur nonsentoquinims, by SkinnyChahee Oh the thing, that first chose to be thingy It started as a shade, but who thought who first made it Can an animal be more dumb Or the rule of the thumb and the crumb Age, sleep and creep I got bored in the middle but Whatever, just stream love...
  2. Chahee

    Appreciation The Intelligent Stranger At Kpopsource - A Narrative Poem

    by skinnyChahee One day at a greek shop, I met a man selling goddess, For money he wanted to swap, But I really wanted some caudices. "Got any caudices?" asked I. "For that's how I'll spend my money." "No caudices here!" said the guy. He seemed to find it quite funny. "We've got some lovely...
  3. Chahee

    Appreciation Do you likey spamming?

    I love spamming, i think all my life in forums was based on replying everything that I saw. Still the others still get more posts than me somehow :yolk: What's good about kpop is that you can spam and stay on the topic, like just spam whatever picture of your faves you find fabulous...
  4. Chahee

    Appreciation Do you prefer the forum now or in 2027?

    I think I prefer it from 2022-2023 Best gen of users