1. kuro

    my next goals

    150 threads 25K reaction score and 7K posts can I do it by the end of next week? :queen:
  2. marublade

    Comment your bias and I will...

    ...And I will post a member of EXO or Seventeen you would like + a video of them! Both EXO and Seventeen since that makes my life easier!
  3. Lovely_Cornchips

    2019 Top 100 List March

    Month Summary: I essentially was entirely addicted to Jang Dongwoo's debut during this month. In particular, I really loved Party Girl and suggest other's check it out as it is a mega bop. I also wasn't really anticipating TXT's debut, but I wound up falling in love. I tend to really enjoy boy...
  4. kuro

    Appreciation @baekk moment of silence for our posts

    it was all a big mistake, and now we suffer I was at 4.1K, over halfway to 4.2K :pepecry1: :sanapray: :sanapray: :sanapray: :sanapray: :sanapray: @baekk
  5. Discipline


    IT'S FINALLY HERE. I honestly teared up and sat through his live which was basically 5% him, 70% Chanyeol, 20% other members, 5% floor/wall/furniture. I'm so happy, yall dont understand. SUHO (@kimjuncotton) • Instagram photos and videos suddenly I love the word cotton, wow...