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  1. Pall_Jonsson

    I have achieved 8000 posts

    Over a 2 year span lol Celebrate with me! I thank the staff for keeping these boards fresh and new and I know BP is in my area du du dus
  2. Pall_Jonsson

    Appreciation I finally made 4000 posts <3 <3 <3

    About time I say too :) Took me long enough with all the distractions I have researching family and studies <3 Hopefully more posts will follow suit :) @vogue @Bookworm @Saythename17 @kodoku @DrowningFishy @raymondchouku @gayzone @Mairi @Chahee Thanks for making KS a welcoming and always...
  3. JakeyWantsCakey

    The biggest reveal of the new homepage changes...

    How the hell does the Dreamcatcher Artist Thread have so many posts??? :areyouforreal: :areyouforreal::areyouforreal:
  4. maruberry

    I really dislike how this event has created so much spam

    I know this isn't STRICTLY a bad thing.... but just... there is SO MANY posts. And it's not even like those posts are that interesting most of the time or smth ppl care about on this forum... Sure it's all kpop related and it's good to know that teasers are being posted etc, but... There is SO...
  5. FaceMcShooty

    Are you proud of your old posts?

    Are you proud or embarrassed of your old posts? (here or on other forums) I'm ok, I think... :wimwim:
  6. kuro

    Appreciation I made kps history today

    1:11pm, 5/11/2019, the first person on kps reached 10K 10 freaking thousands posts for this I'll make this special thread, inspired by @goyo ten people who helped me through this journey in no order at all @Jimimis my wifey and partner in derailing every thread ever @Seokjin my counting spam...
  7. Pigeon

    18+ 5000 posts lol xD lmao lmfao lol xD

    get on my level flops stream @Yolks @perhapz | @kuroyuri @Jimimis (a thread made for you to derail :susPepe: ) dont ask why its 18+
  8. kuro

    Appreciation I've reached my first set of goals!

    dedicated to @blueberries btw :queen: 5K posts, 100 threads, and 20K reaction score c h e c k next is 7K, 150, and 30K xD unrelated but holy shiteu I'm starting to adapt to light theme :welp: @Hera @mysteric @Jimimis :pandaomg:
  9. kuro

    ⑤ⓚ ⓟⓞⓢⓣⓢ

    I finally did it omg :pepecry1: my blood, sweat, and tears fell to make this a reality it was a dream inspire by @Yolks and @goyo but it's the truth no longer a dream, I am at 5K posts, something very few of us have achieved @lexusuwu @Reo and @JungYoda I have joined you queens :queen...
  10. kuro

    i need more posts talk to me

    someone talk to me I have 200 posts left until 5K, my next goal and less than 100 until I can complete my new aesthetic SO TALK TO ME i'll have to go study after getting to 4.9K :yolk:
  11. kuro

    Appreciation back at 4K baby!

    @JungkooksWife @baekk @lexusuwu @Jimimis @Ozymandias