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produce x

  1. Suzy

    Why do you think this trainee didn't make it into NCT?

    Park Yuri from Produce X said that he was supposed to debut in NCT but didn't make the cut. So why do you think he didn't make it? I mean, everyone thought that every male trainees in SM would one way or another end up in NCT but this guy didn't and now he's a model under SM. I can't see him...
  2. Suzy

    I'm in LOVE

    I'm not watching Produce X but I randomly came across gifs of this child and my heart literally skipped a beat because of how adorable he is! His name is Tony Yu and I believe he is Chinese but someone correct me if I'm wrong. He looks like a puppy!! I want cuddle him. SO SOOOOO CUTE!!! I...