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  1. _Enid_Sinclair_

    GFX Profile Cover 'Nabby' W 2022

    Be amazed by the colours and everything else blahblahblah :dubuwave: Enjoy but not 'too' much!
  2. nene

    Photo TO1 | 2022 Profile

  3. kuro

    Appreciation kps I be s l a y i n g

    :nekoshy: so popular omg :nekolove: @ThiccDicc @Jimimis @mysteric
  4. kuro

    Appreciation look how pOpUlAr I am

    thanks @QueenGirlCrush dedicated for @Jimimis :llama_laugh: im so famous
  5. kuro

    profile views

    so, I think this is a new feature of kps, the profile views. @Son Na Eun or really anyone who can answer: is it the amount of people currently viewing your profile, the individual count of the people on your profile, or how many views you have (whether it be from the same person eight times or...