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  1. Pall_Jonsson

    A day in the life of a white and brown Eurasian Australian

    Its weird because people just see my skin tone and assume both my parents are of the same background. Through primary and high school. At least mum gets the joke when I tease and make fun My brother ditched his heritage, but I refuse to Embrace your background.
  2. FaceMcShooty

    Are you proud of your old posts?

    Are you proud or embarrassed of your old posts? (here or on other forums) I'm ok, I think... :wimwim:
  3. maruberry

    Appreciation Imagine Lay being like a proud father to Ten and Winwin

    I can just imagine Lay hyping them up a lot and showing their dance video to everyone he meets! Just sending the video in messages to everyone and so on! I also can imagine that these messages were exchanged between Lay and his bro Khalid! Lay: Bro, my little brothers did this dance cover to...