punk right now

  1. QueenGirlCrush


    So I was just looking at Minzy's instagram and decided to check out her dance studio Millennium Dance Academy. Come to find out that one her of choreographers made the dance to Gfriend's Sunrise! millennium_dance_academy #해야 #여자친구 #엠카운트다운 #mnet #mcountdown#sunrise #girlfriend #kpop...
  2. spacebanana

    Audio Punk Right Now Remixes

    If you follow soshi releases, you might remember Raiden from this bop with Yuri. Technically I shouldn't be listening to these because my ears should be resting buuuuuut here we are. Madeaux's remix is a bit weird... and I love it. It also seems like the most creative out of the three.
  3. karina

    MV Hyo & 3Lau "Punk Right Now" MV released

    wow I am suprised how much I actually like this song. DJ HYO is on fire