1. marublade

    Appreciation WayV's Bella has turned a year old!

    AWWW LOOK AT THE PUPPY! Also by this point I'm like 80% sure Bella is Xiaojun's
  2. marublade

    News Chenle has gotten himself a puppy!!!!

    CHENLE HAS A PUPPY NOW! WayV are spreading the zoo agenda! SHE IS SO ADORABLE AND PRETTY! @NCTzen
  3. marublade

    News WayV have adopted a puppy!

    We were introduced to Louis the kitten just a few days ago and now we have also been introduced to Bella!
  4. baekhyunUWU

    Video Baekhyun's Vlog (Mong-ryong/KyoongTube/Corgi Tube/my clone)

    New KyoongTube, this time it's full of Corgi fluff. Enjoy the 2 puppies. press cc for subtitles
  5. marublade

    Appreciation Haechan is Mark's emotional support puppy

    This hurts a lot for some reason! Somebody please help!