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  1. RainbowDevil

    MV Surprising quality

    Just trust me, it looks like low quality nugu song... but if someone just put this on a playlist or smn I'd think it was a popular group or smn. I really really like it too. @Ahsoka @yoda_jen Other tasteful people: @Reo @Jakey_Yoda @Wingfrost @hojipoji @eclipsoul @Darth_berries
  2. maruberry

    Appreciation EXO have one of the best discographies in kpop!

    EXO has SO MANY BOPS! So many that every time I go through their discography again... I just end up going, how TF did I forget these amazing bops? They have been bringing QUALITY since debut! Like... ALL of their albums are amazing. Most of them have NO bad songs. So here be some bops from EXO...
  3. Chahee

    Go find you sleeping...

    in the dead hours no matter how hard you stop me, I'm finally there for you finish your long journey and go back now back to your house now way back home no matter how hard you shut it, it will open again like a drawer you fly high into the sky and you keep coming back to me even the hard...