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queen of kpopsource

  1. kuro

    Appreciation KPS THE QUEEN IS BACK

    after a MUCH needed hiatus, I have caught up with my eating, my sleep, and my schoolwork I AM BACK @goyo @maruif @wayvoutsold @crybaby @Jimimis
  2. kuro

    Appreciation I made kps history today

    1:11pm, 5/11/2019, the first person on kps reached 10K 10 freaking thousands posts for this I'll make this special thread, inspired by @goyo ten people who helped me through this journey in no order at all @Jimimis my wifey and partner in derailing every thread ever @Seokjin my counting spam...
  3. kuro

    screw it: my new aesthetic

    @goyo @MonCherry @lexus because of my wife @Jimimis the non-aesthetic aesthetic wrap your head around that and take a screenshot because I feature fucking TAEYONG that is the power my wife has over me :umjicry:
  4. kuro

    holy shiteu it's before mother's day

    i've said this like four times TT mom i'm so so so sorry :yolk: :yolk: :yolk: :sanapray: @lexusuwu @Reo @StarWarsBitch :maheart: @Jimimis @Yolks @NogaNono truly the queen of kps the iron throne was mine and now so is kps :queen: - watch out for the pink aesthetic I'll bless all of you...
  5. kuro

    Appreciation my badge journey

    @NogaNono @Jimimis @MonCherry @goyo @Mangoey :sanapray: ↠badges in kps↞ re-building zico (tues) 🗸 akmu (wed.) 🗸 nancy (wed.) 🗸 wjsn (wed) 🗸 apink (thur.) 🗸 purple soyeon (thurs.) 🗸 itzy (thurs.) 🗸 vixx lr (friday) 🗸 bts (friday) 🗸 gahyeon (friday.) 🗸 black f(x) (sat.) 🗸 clc (sat.) 🗸...
  6. kuro

    Appreciation for @Hera: yellow

    @Hera you wanted yellow, you got yellow WELCOMING: YURI'S NEW AND IMPROVED YELLOW AESTHETIC @Jimimis @goyo @MonCherry what'cha think?
  7. kuro


    kps loves me :llama_flirt: @Jimimis @mysteric @baekk :queen:
  8. kuro

    Appreciation 2000 posts in 6 days

    @Jimimis made me aware of this :sanapray: I truly am a spam post queen @goyo mom I'll honor my promise but I need my badges START POSTING OR ILL HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO OVERTAKE YOU :pepecry2:
  9. kuro


    @Jimimis @taemkitten :chickill:
  10. kuro

    for @MonCherry

    aesthetics queen taking over soon with the blue :queen: WATCH OUT
  11. kuro

    Appreciation I REACHED 7K MESSAGES

    @Jimimis @goyo @baekk @Yolks @Seokjin I DID IT OMG I DID IT
  12. kuro

    Appreciation maybe 6 badges would work after all

    LOOK WHAT @notthatmarko DID FOR ME OMG OMG OMG ITS PERFECT now I just have to get all my purple badges, and rebuild my aesthetic yes yes yes @MonCherry @Sooyoung watch out, the queen is back :llama_flirt:
  13. kuro

    two down one to go

    @lexusuwu I'm coming for you :chickill: rip to the fallen warriors @StarWarsBitch @Reo don't worry it was bound to happen :maheart:
  14. kuro

    damn this forum dies without me

    :sippinthetea: kps would be a VERY different place without me, that's for sure :llama_tea: more tea, just because also :rosesmug: :jenniesmug: :rosesmug: yeah that's it :llama_squish:
  15. kuro

    why the heck to people call it ks?

    I have a bone to pick with those tasteless hoes @Son Na Eun ITS KPS NOT KS WHERE DID KS COME FROM? ks sounds so incomplete I cringe
  16. kuro

    Appreciation look how perfect this is

    @goyo @lexusuwu @JungYoda @Reo @Jimimis
  17. kuro

    I took over kps again

    @goyo @JisoosHusband @Reo @Ozymandias @JungYoda @baekk @Yolks @Jimimis :queen:
  18. VillageIdiot

    Appreciation Praise the Inventor of Ezgif

    And appreciate the return of my glorious dp and cover:llama_tea: