1. marublade

    Why I think idols shouldn't be cancelled for racist slipups

    I think idols really shouldn't be cancelled for small slip ups, that can be considered racist. This includes braids, statements that are ignorant or acting disrespectful towards some other cultures or races. In most cases these mistakes aren't made out of malice. They are made out of...
  2. marublade

    When some black rights activists come at Estonians for being slave owners etc..

    I just go WTF? I am posting this because this literally just happened to me! I was hanging out on omegle, as I do from time to time and I was talking to this girl who was very passionate about black rights. Nothing wrong with that! But then I mentioned that I am from Estonia and that I don't...
  3. marublade

    How and why my home country is seen as racist and homophobic

    Everybody in Estonia will agree that we as a country are a bit racist and homophobic, but not in a way that most people think. Estonians don't want refugees here. We also scoff at gay parades and laugh when there are news of some protest. Why? To put it simple, we dislike everyone who isn't...