1. QueenB

    Americans reaction to "Cuties" is embarassing

    I just wanted to rant about this because if I do it on twitter i'd be harassed by Qanon peeps lol. If you have not heard about this movie here's a quick background about and the controversy around it: Cuties (Mignonnes in its original French) is a film about a 11 year old immigrant girl who...
  2. marublade

    I despise the phrase "I hate men"

    I fucking HATE IT! And I always get annoyed when ppl come with the excuse, " I don't actually mean all men, only the shitty ones" or "It's only the bad ones getting offended" like SHUT TF UP! If you don't MEAN all men, don't SAY all men! Say I hate sexist men! Say I hate misogynistic men! Say...
  3. P

    I ain't even mad about class anymore

    I honestly do not care to talk to my classmates. I just feel annoyed every time I do talk to someone. Or just want to go home and not even come to class. I feel like class is fake to me and I get such ugh not this again when I go there. Mad over nothing I swear to god. Maybe it's something...
  4. whatever

    Performance Why just why (rant thread, sorry) ?

    I'm going to be honest there. As a starlight (Vixx's fan for the noobs here :susPepe:), I know of course Jellyfish has made a new BG : Verivery. But I was not impressed by them. Nice of course,but forgettable. lol and I forget them for a little while. Still. I was not a Starlight right away (I...
  5. marublade

    A rant please ignore, just need to get smth off my chest

    Sorry I am just gonna rant here for a moment, I just need somehwere to vent...
  6. karina

    Help needed :wimwim:

    Oii everybody I have been thinking alot and I really don’t know what to do :umjicry: I have been a Shawol and iconic for so long but it has been so difficult to actually listen to their songs after everything. I still love the boys but can I really call them both my ults if I don’t listen...
  7. melancholia

    18+ my sister and parents are tripping

    bruh, they trippin balls. they are so fucking dramatic and they are overreacting.they don’t even now the full story, always fucking believing with the eldest says and shit. they need to calm the fuck down and start be rational
  8. marublade

    A really long rant about my life...

    My life has gotten so complicated... I am just really at a breaking point and I feel like screaming or crying or I don't know what, but I can't. Most likely I will be kicked out of my school in like a weeks time! Fun ain't it! I won't go into reasons, but it is kinda my own fault, but it is...
  9. kuro

    I'm having a horrible day at school and I need someone to listen

    literally anyone who'd just listen to me, no fancy reply required please, I'm so stressed and I just want to scream. thank you <3 :pepecry1:
  10. Koala

    18+ ~Ranting and Venting~ New Rules Added. Just a tiny set

    What’s the one thing that geniunely makes you screech? We all have a tick. I’m said to be really kind,but lately I’ve noticed I’ve gotten really aggressive at attention seekers,and back handed compliments. I’ve said Fuck so much instead of the fact I censor it to feck because I just cannot...