1. RainbowDevil

    Rave.dj - Those other songs...

    I just wanted to make a separate thread for all the songs we may have tried out, and may not have turned out well or just weren't as good as your submission but you wanna share. I also just want to tag people that enjoy certain 2 songs so they can hear how bad/good some songs sound :haylul...
  2. Tickita

    18+ 🦇🎃 Happy Hallow -- Here's some mashups I made last year

    https://rave.dj/LlCRl9AkbvPJKg TW: I used the original unclean MV of Voodoo Doll (which is why I tagged this thread 18+). And Seungri's in here. https://rave.dj/OmNbo6U-EvpSDg
  3. Tickita

    Mashup MBLAQ x Ne Yo

    I always thought Stay reminded me of Closer, mostly because of the guitar, so https://rave.dj/AujtIDwtCpnKJQ