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really bad boy

  1. Ashla_K

    Performance Red velvet on Music Bank

    They all look soo pretty but can we talk about Joy and Wendy? *Fangirls in english and spanish*
  2. Athena

    Appreciation "Red Velvet Have No Stage Presence"

    SAYS NO ONE. I'm shook. For the past months these queens have been dragged nonstop for having no stage presence and being bored on stage... and now? THEY'VE IMPROVED BY A TENFOLD. This was such an amazing performance, they were in perfect sync, they looked amazing, they did the choreography so...
  3. Ashla_K

    Audio (Spoilers) Red Velvet- RBB side tracks.

    Swipe... In all honesty, the whole album sounds like a red concept in disguise. Lol! I think Red Velvet will put the weakest song as title again...:pepehelp:
  4. Ashla_K

    Teaser Holy Moly! Wendy!!

    Imagine opening IG like this... SM what you think you're doing?? Are you trying to kill me? Anyways, WIG!