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  1. GH0ST

    TV What are some good J-dramas?

    asking for some recommendations! :sanapray:
  2. JakeyWantsCakey

    Appreciation A few non-Kpop songs I've been listening to recently...

    Got this one as a YouTube ad and it was actually good! LOL They did an interview with Zach Sang and although I didn't watch the whole thing, I got interesting when I saw they were a girl group. And this is just one of my faves off of Taylor Swift's new album LOL
  3. tai

    New kpop group recommendations??

    I would love it if you guys recommended me some new groups. Both boy and girl groups. :lovelycooky:
  4. PrideInBaek

    Recommend me dramas

    Among the 3 dramas I have been watching, 2 are coming to an end next week and the third one within a month or so. Thus I have some free time coming up so I wanna watch some more dramas. Please recommend some dramas which are of the following genres: Crime Procedural/Criminal Mystery...
  5. blueberries

    Recommend me some manga

    My plan-to-read is completely empty right now, i guess into flow of reading some and have none left, and i have road trip tomorrow :nekoshy: I'm alright with most genres, though I'm most into seinen, mystery and psychological. Though u can just recommend ur favs and i'll take a look anyways...
  6. Wonder_530948

    Tell me your mood right now and...

    I'll recommend you a K-Pop song out of my playlist that I think fits your mood. I have 270 songs, I don't know if that's a good amount of songs or not but, sorry if I run out of songs to recommend (if this thread gets lots of replies) :3
  7. mirella

    artists to listen to (preferably large discographies)

    All my faves are inactive (cough Block B) and I need some other artists to listen to. I would prefer them to have fairly large, diverse discographies. It makes me sad when I listen to a group and they only have like, two singles :/ They can be soloist or group or duo, active or inactive...
  8. mirella

    recommend me soloists / soloist songs

    I'm bored and want recs preferably non-group / non-idol I'm partial to r&b, rap, and ballad any language is a-okay (though my cousins already listen to V-pop everyday and I'm going to lose my fuckin mind if I hear any more) (that being said if you have any good V-pop songs, feel free to...
  9. RainbowDevil


    Alright i recently noticed how many random groups i don't know actually even tho i know way too many already So give me bops i might not know Send me whatever you want (kpop please) just don't spam me with 10 songs from the same group it makes me irritated for some reason I'll also tell you...
  10. AmysTeri

    J-Pop/J-Rock Recs!

    Hello! So confession time. I haven't listened to a new group in these genres in...over a decade? I kept up with the released of my older favorites (Miyavi, Namie, Gackt, Agikan, Bump of Chicken, Kalafina, Perfume, Miura Daichi and L'Arc~En~Ciel), but I have not bothered with trying to...
  11. Ashla_K

    Manga/Webtoon recommendations by SuddenlyKfan

    Monster (+18) Innocent- Innocent Rouge (+21) Sun-Ken Rock (+18) Shokugeki no soma (+16) Kakegurui Claymore (+16) Shingeki no Kyojin (+16) If you haven't, go and check the manga. Houseki no kuni Bastard Tower of god Noblesse