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red velvet are the summer queens

  1. SeulPika

    OT5 Red Velvet in the practice room?

    Seulgi, Joy & Yeri have been posting on IG, and Luvies couldn't help but notice something... The fact that Wendy is with the rest of the girls in SM's practice room!! If this is true. Then I wonder what OT5 are doing together? Preparations for continuing the La Rouge tour, after IS promotions...
  2. SeulPika

    Appreciation My 2nd signed RV album

    I don't meant to flex. But just look at the latest addition to my collection!!! :pikahappy: The Velvet album signed by OT5 is a wonderful addition to my already existing collection of signed albums!!!! :sakUwu:
  3. SeulPika

    Photo Miss Sexy Dynamite k worded Luvies

    I feel as though Miss Korea has personally attacked me :maheart:
  4. SeulPika

    News Red Velvet achieve a Music Show All Kill

    With their win on Inkigayo Red Velvet have achieved a All Kill of the Korean music shows in the first week of Umpah Umpah promotions!!!! (The Show, Show Champion, M Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core & Inkigayo) This makes Red Velvet & Gfriend the only 2 groups that have achieved a Music Show...
  5. SeulPika

    MV Red Velvet - Umpah Umpah ~ THE QUEENS OF SUMMER ARE BACK!!!!!

  6. SeulPika

    2 years with Red Flavor

    HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY TO THE SONG OF 2017!!!!! BOW DOWN TO THE FRUITS!! :queen: :queen: 🍉🍍🍊🥝🍇 :llama_ramen:
  7. SeulPika

    Comeback I've been waiting all year for Red Velvet and this is what I've got?!

    THE REVE FESTIVAL IS A FUCKING BOP!!!!!! I haven't been around for the first hour of this release because I've been laying in a ditch bleeding from the scalp after having my wig violently torn from me after watching the mv for Zimzalabim. I've had to re watch the mv countless times to...
  8. SeulPika

    Teaser Red Velvet are releasing a bop!

    OMG!!! I haven't heard a marching band drum beat this good since After School's Bang! :sj_weary: Red Velvet are coming back with a strong bop!!!!
  9. SeulPika

    Teaser Red Velvet 'Zimzalabim' MV teaser!!! #QueensOfSummerAreComing

    :sj_weary: :sj_weary: RED VELVET ARE COMING FOR OUR WIGS!!!!!!!!! :queen: #QueensOfSummerAreComing
  10. SeulPika

    Comeback The Reve Festival celebrates every Red Velvet era

    OMG! From Happiness through all the way up to RBB. Every era has been referenced in these teasers for The Reve Festival :nakypog: Red Velvet aren't here to play. They are coming for our wigs!!!! :queen:
  11. SeulPika

    News Red Velvet's 'The Reve Festival' out on the 19th June!!

    THIS IS THE COMEBACK THAT I'VE MOST BEEN WAITING FOR! THE SUMMER QUEENS ARE COMING!!!!! :queen: :queen: :queen: Who else is pre ordering the album today?! And what do you reckon the whole 'Day 1' means? And also the other "colourful musical activities' that we can look forward to? Are SM going...
  12. SeulPika

    Comeback Red Velvet the Queens of B Sides are back!!!!!

    SWIMMING POOL!!!!!!! :sj_weary: Red Velvet are back with their 2nd Japan album 'Sappy' and they've proved yet again why they are the Queens of B Sides with their song Swimming Pool which is a fucking bop!!! :queen: Stan Queens, Stan Red Velvet!!
  13. SeulPika

    News SM Family Feuds (The latest hit drama)

    SM is a bitch
  14. SeulPika

    News Red Velvet to comeback in the Summer!

    SUMMER QUEENS ARE COMING!!!!!!! :queen: