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red velvet

  1. SeulPika

    Appreciation 7 years with Seulgi

    It's been 7 years to the day since Seulgi charmed our hearts with her adorable bear charms for the very first time!! :pikahappy: And our adorable bear has grown into an exceptionally beautiful and talented singer & dancer, that is adored by millions of fans from across the world...
  2. SeulPika

    News Red Velvet Happiness 100M views party

    THE FIRST AND ONLY SM DEBUT MV TO REACH 100M VIEWS ON YOUTUBE!!!! @Reveluv @Girl Group Red Velvet did that!!!
  3. SeulPika

    Appreciation Blonde Yeri is supreme

    I will share 5 photos to prove that 'Blonde' Yeri is supreme!!! :sanapray: :sakUwu: :sakUwu: :pikahappy: and as a bonus.... Enjoy these Yeri 'Umpah Umpah' fancams!!! @Reveluv @Girl Group
  4. SeulPika

    Discussion Irene Clinique North America ambassador?

    BAE JOOHYUN!!! :nekolove: Looks like we're getting Irene world domination :jenniesmug: Because Clinique are using her as their brand ambassador their North American stores too!! :sakUwu: @Reveluv @Girl Group
  5. DarlingBlue

    Discussion SM GG BATTLE

    Who had the best debut Hoard of Girls Math Geeks TTS Cake Girls Irene and Seulgi Pinterest Manifested @My @Reveluv @MeU @Sone
  6. SeulPika

    Appreciation Yeri is body goals

    Yeri has a body type that we don't even see from female idols, and that isn't a bad thing to say!! A body achieved through a healthy lifestyle of eating well and exercising on a regular basis. Yeri has toned her body into one of the healthiest bodies that I have seen from female idols, and her...
  7. OnlyCalB

    Appreciation Yeri working hard at Pilates [Instagram]

    Yeri goes to this place quite often. Pilates is really working well for her :). She looks great! Her caption of "practice, practice, practice" could be a hint for RV's comeback, not just about Pilates? @Reveluv
  8. Suzy

    News SM CEO confirms Red Velvet will be coming back soon!

    With a more mature concept!! @Reveluv EDIT: Clarification on "mature side" If it's coming in the next few months though, it most likely will end up being a Velvet single. RV Winter comebacks Velvet releases.
  9. SeulPika

    Discussion Seulgi biased Reveluvs

    I want to see something... So if you could fill out this quick questionnaire, that would be amazing!! If your bias in Red Velvet is Seulgi, then I want to see how many Reveluvs have aespa's Winter as their bias, too.... @Reveluv @My Oh, and don't forget to continue streaming...
  10. SeulPika

    Photo Seulgi's Autumn warmth

    Warming up our hearts with her soft ambient glows of beauty..... Our warm bear hasn't changed much since 2013! :pandalove: @Reveluv
  11. DarlingBlue

    Discussion Red Velvet Cut From from Broadcast

  12. Persephone

    Photo JOY of Red Velvet: k-pop royalty, fashion provocateur

    JOY for FEMALE Magazine November 2020 Issue Joysus have mercy :bigcatcry: :bigcatcry: :bigcatcry: :bigcatcry: :bigcatcry: :bigcatcry: :bigcatcry: :bigcatcry: :bigcatcry:
  13. Suzy

    News EXO and Red Velvet Seasons Greetings 2021

    @Exo-L @Reveluv
  14. SeulPika

    News Wendy to feature in Taemin's upcoming album

    WENDY ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! It's just been revealed that she will be featuring in Taemin's upcoming album on the b side track 'Be Your Enemy'! This news comes not too long after it was announced that Wendy will be releasing an OST as a part of the 2nd line up for the K-drama 'Start Up', @Reveluv Our...
  15. JakeyWantsCakey

    Performance New Girl Group STAYC Perform EPIC Medley of Kpop Hits!

    There voices are actually really strong and stable (granted they aren't dancing here but still). I really hope that Black Eyed Pilseung don't become one of those production teams that can make hits for every other group except for their own because these girls seem like they're brimming with...
  16. Abeamus

    Discussion Editors post about her apology from Irene

    Through her Instagram stories on October 23, the editor wrote the following message, in which she referred to Irene as “C” and SM Entertainment as “B Company.” I’ve already been hurt and I won’t ever forget the pain. However, I wanted a direct apology from C in order to protect my dignity as a...
  17. Abeamus

    Discussion Irene apologises after accusations about her behaviour

    On October 21, an Instagram post was uploaded by an editor and stylist about an unnamed celebrity. The post described an encounter with them in which she had been brought to tears by the celebrity’s harsh words and felt humiliated. She wrote that what she had heard from others should have made...
  18. Suzy

    Discussion I am FRUSTRATED

    I think this whole Irene scandal is finally taking its toll because I'm beginning to feel very annoyed and upset. Honestly, I'm not surprised at all that Irene is in this type of controversy. I mean, the girl gets into an attitude controversy frequently because she shows off her temper often. If...
  19. DarlingBlue

    Discussion Irene is Getting the T-ara Treatment

    Everything she's ever done is being hyper analyzed and taken out of context