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  1. RockyGoose

    Would you want to be in a relationship like this?

    A romantic relationship where the two of you hold hands and hug? You also kiss on the lips, but you wouldn't go further than that? Well... I would want something like that. I remember being a teenager also wanting a relationship like this, but thought that most people would rather want to be in...
  2. Saythename17

    Question about relationships

    I'm a single and single forever. What about you? Do you have a girlfriend/ boyfriend or married?
  3. JakeyWantsCakey

    Appreciation Sulli demonstrating the ART of throwing SHADE! Now this heterosexual ladies and gentlemen, is what we gays call But how is this shady, you ask? Well, let me break it down for you all, my dear children: "I think people who look...