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relay dance

  1. anyujelly

    am i allowed to post drama

    i have this video that nobody has noticed the drama in and i was wondering if im allowed to post it
  2. Jewel

    Video Stray Kids 『THE SOUND』 Relay Dance Movie

  3. Jewel

    Video [Relay Dance] NCT 127 (NCT 127) - Ay-Yo (4K)

    @NCTzen @NCT 127
  4. Belgizen

    Appreciation Why are they so extra?

    Bless TOO and their extra-ness in the relay dance This is the kind of content that we all need in this quarantine
  5. GloriousHavoc

    Dance Practice What do you think of this performance?

    I like it. And those outfits are quite nice :llama_ramen:
  6. RavenHikari

    Relay Dance...

    But Like Funny Ones: Teen Top - Seoul Night Relay Dance I don't think teen top quite understand how a relay dance is supposed to work :llama_laugh::llama_laugh::llama_laugh::llama_laugh::llama_laugh: Pentagon - Sha La La Relay Dance Also It took at least 4 members to lift baby Wooseok...