1. P

    GFX Created a Pink/Red DP, Signature and Profile Cover to celebrate Blackpink and the Album

    It's not actually the girls themselves, but still asian and still pink so yessssss <3 @vogue @Saythename17 @Jimmychimchim @Cosmic @JakeyWantsCakey @Chahee Go Asia and Go Blackpink for October 2020 <3
  2. KookievsCookie

    Comeback PreOrder / Release Date : Blackpink 2ND MINI ALBUM - KILL THIS LOVE

    Release Date : 2019.4.23 (TUE) Pre-order Date : 2019.4.4 (THU) 4pm ~ 2019.4.22(MON) YG SELECT Price : ₩ 16,300 (Includes VAT)