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  1. Ali_Star

    I made a REMIX of NCT 127- Sticker. What do you think?

    Hi, I made a REMIX of NCT 127- Sticker. I changed the style a lot. Tell me what you think! Do you like it?
  2. Ali_Star

    I made a REMIX of aespa- Savage. Tell me what you think!

    Hi everyone, I made a remix of aespa- Savage but in a different style. Feel free to comment and criticize it. Thank you!
  3. HopeOnTheStreet

    MV BTS (방탄소년단) 'Make It Right (feat. Lauv)' Official MV

    I like this version more than the original. :sj_weary: MV is dedicated to army, my feels :maheart::maheart:
  4. silasEM

    Recruiting 1-2 people for a (unique) kpop related 100k+ subs youtube channel

    Hello everyone. I'm Silas and I run a youtube channel where I take songs from different artists and remake them into a whole different song featuring other artists, sometimes I turn songs from electronic to acoustic or vice versa. You might think that it sounds like a mashup channel. Well, to...
  5. maruberry

    Audio I can't get this remix out of my head!

    I was watching some WayV content and I watched the clip of HenYang messing around and dancing and this remix... Fuck I just had to look it up (No idea I didn't when I first heard it) and now It is haunting me!