1. marublade

    EXO-Ls do a lot of charity!

    EXO-ls really do a lot of charitywork etc and I am so proud of this fandom! The chinese EXO-Ls are like Mafia, but they do a lot of good things! 1) Kai's fans have donated 23 million won (17 422 EUR) to the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation 2) Xiumin's fans collected 200 million won to donate...
  2. marublade

    NCT Dream does sajaegi

    Nobody actually buys their albums. It is just Chenle's rich family inflating the numbers and buying hundreds of thousands of copies!
  3. marublade

    Chenle buys expensive presents!

    He gave Renjun a $399/$429 applewatch for his birthday! That little rich brat! And then he goes around saying that his family is "Just living comfortably", like we believe that!