1. izcream

    f in the chat :<

    smh i woke up to this instead of waking up to 6666 likes :yolk:
  2. LeeHoseok

    News Radio Disney to shut down in 2021 after 25 years on the air

    RIP Radio Disney. I remember winning several contests as a kid from there.
  3. K

    I just discovered a horrifying truth

    PayPal offers a "pay later" option what's the latest horrifying truth YOU have learned?
  4. E

    Appreciation 5 years ago today f(x) released

    AY AY it's a Red Light Fans and non fans were torn by experimental red light. They loved it, they hated it. And f(x) sold it. This was f(x)s final comeback as 5, and their most iconic concept yet. And the most painful era for the group and the fans. Stream Goblin and Even so...
  5. blurryface

    ship it or rip it with ks users

    so, give 2 kpopsource users and i'll tell do i ship it or rip it you dont have to write people who get shipped with stuff :rjbow:
  6. Chahee

    Why did Pledis ruin Pristin?

    Rethorical question, but anyway. If they had given then 3 comebacks a year we'd see some progress in sales and awards. Yet we saw a great beginning and then dungeon... Why?