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rise fromis_9

  1. perhapz

    Appreciation :haylul: 🍀🍀

  2. yeji

    Cover fromis_9 - Red Flavor ( RED VELVET COVER)

    this is just perfect. and damn those notes from vocal line were beautiful. stan fromis and red velet
  3. VillageIdiot

    Appreciation Look Who's Getting Love For Her Visuals

    Look at how many likes this tweet has Fromis 9 Lee Nakyung original post: here 1. F*cking pretty 2. She looks like a lighter skin version of Tzuyu f*cking pretty.. 3. She looks like a doll 4. Lee Nakyung's beauty is not her best asset, her aegyo is her best asset...
  4. Tir

    Teaser fromis_9 - wanna have some fun (Nakyung Fun Factory Teaser)

    Day 6: NAKYYYY
  5. Tir

    Teaser fromis_9 - 박지원 wanna have some fun (Jiheon Fun Factory Teaser)

    Day 3: Jiheon :pikahappy:
  6. Tir

    News fromis_9 to make their comeback on June 4th!

    IT'S COMINGGGGGG @perhapz @perhapz @perhapz @perhapz @perhapz @perhapz @perhapz @perhapz @perhapz
  7. Pigeon

    im at my friends house

    time to blast coloring by fromis_9
  8. Pigeon

    I need more ideas

    for Nakyung threads i need to spread the love and i need more posts for her badge and the rest of w1 give me ideas stan txt, park jihoon, and fromis_9
  9. Pigeon

    can people just let me be?

    i just wanna live a normal life with nakyung i mean if i ever saw her irl i would faint but yeah so pls
  10. Pigeon

    Appreciation ig im gg trash now

    bc fromis_9 is a girl group and drum roll please
  11. Pigeon

    Appreciation Nakyung has opened my eyes.

    NCT U can't relate i feel like im in a whole new world she is so beautiful all i want for christmas is to meet her please just please maybe add in jihoon too
  12. Pigeon

    i never thought this would happen

    female idol in my dp nakyung is just too pretty