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rise tully

  1. Mangoey

    GOT Stream 2

    I'll be streaming from episode 3 and on today idt we'll get super far maybe just 2 episodes again! LINK Join! :pepeheart:
  2. Mangoey

    Favorite Pokemon?

    title ^ It changes all the time for me, but rn I really like Cinccino It's cute and unexpectedly powerful at the same time :pepeaww::pepeaww::pepeaww:
  3. Mangoey

    Game Change one word to create a new phrase

    You can either add a word, change a word, or subtract a word (only if there are more than 2 words) to create a new phrase. For example: 1. Chocolate Strawberries 2. Chocolate Box 3. Box of Chocolates What you cannot do: 1. Chocolate Strawberries 2. Chocolate (it's too easy) I'll start...