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  1. suki

    sobbing T^T (idek what to title this...)

    have you guys ever just like... cried from watching a kids movie? T^T sometimes it's just too wholesomely heartbreaking i can't.. (especially romances that never happened 😔) it's been like an hour and im still sobbing :pandasad: HOW DO I GET OVER THIS HELP
  2. maruberry

    Appreciation I live for the Kai x Ravi bromance! [Ravi stans, you are needed in this house for advice]

    So now they are on a trip! First we had that insta live in the gym and now these pictures! Just look at how Kai is looking at Ravi! Wait... Wait... I have been looking for somebody to ship Kai with... Wait... Ravi stans, what is Ravi like in the personality department? Is he dom material? PS...