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  1. rudelove

    Appreciation its been 7 days of me making this site a better place

    :sanapray: you will thank me by supporting my ship Official KPS Shipping Thread - KPopSource - The Only KPOP Hub That Matters (pls like it) (are we allowed to beg?) i love you all
  2. rudelove

    who's the other person?

    i was streaming it all day yesterday, today it's you who are you? show up so what, i listen to cupcakKe too. taste:yolk: edit: there's one more person now tf 🤯🤯
  3. rudelove

    omfg i made it, im so proud of myself

    i successfully made a spotify account using VPN and connected it to KS. whoever is streaming Red Velvet's Russian Roulette mini, IM JOINING IN !!!!1 :queen:
  4. rudelove

    to whoever is playing "Some Love"

    i love you. taste
  5. rudelove

    the cool thing about kpop source forums

    all the usernames you always wanted to have aren't taken :queen:
  6. rudelove

    Let's all try to guess why I got banned from a certain site... Let's all try to guess why I got banned from a certain site: 1. Insulting - Possible, but as a K-pop fan for a few years already, I learned how to insult shade users without getting a wp or a ban in this case. :welp: 2. Flaming - Ok...
  7. rudelove

    peeps, what the fucc..

    i got ip banned from one site for no literal reason. they don't have warning points, there are 5 stages of ban and 5th ban is your final ban. and i have never been banned before from that site! i have no idea what's happening. 🤯 i'm gonna try to appeal so everyone please pray for me.:yolk: if...
  8. rudelove

    What is drama with mods on AKP?

    Someone pm me the whole tea juseyo :nosejoo:
  9. rudelove

    Game Describe The User Above You With a Song

    A K-pop one preferably, but you do you.
  10. rudelove

    I have to say...

    A lot of you joined on my birthday, 19th.. I'll consider that as a present that you supported my friend @notthatmarko's site
  11. rudelove

    Fellow AKP refugees

    Are you planning on going back to the site once it's stable again or you will stick around here?
  12. rudelove

    Game Rate from 1-10 how cute the user is above you

  13. rudelove

    Game Describe the user above you in one word

    For all us shy people ^^
  14. rudelove

    Intro the bestest user just joined

    hello, im yelena