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  1. Darkseid

    Audio IZ*ONE- O Sole Mio feels like the sequel to Rumor

    Or is it just me? :susPepe: And now O Sole Mio: Anyone else hears the similarities/gets similar vibes? :susPepe: No wonder it's my fav B side off their latest album lol. Although Rumor is def Eunbi's song and I'd say O Sole Mio belongs to Yujin lol. @Wiz*one
  2. maruberry

    Cover PD48 Rumor dance cover by Pink Fantasy's Yubeen

    THIS IS DEADLY! WHy does Bean hate me so much posting a cover with an outfit like THIS!!!
  3. Haolat

    Rumor Exols do you remember the rumor that Lay is dating Lee Soo Man

  4. perhapz

    Rumor EVERGLOW's first comeback possibly coming soon

    We all know what hairstyle/haircolor changes means on k-pop... I hope so, I can't wait for an EG comeback. :sj_weary:
  5. A

    Dance Practice EVERGLOW did a Rumor cover and I'm SHOOKETA

    Get dat shine Wang Yiren. Also, Rumor is such a bop.