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sad life

  1. K

    why do I have to socialize

    :pepecry1: all I ever wanted is to watch cat videos or gamers or whatever, safe in my bed, before the horrors of tomorrow......... I should have said no but now it's too late to change my mind :pepecry1:
  2. K

    neiiiiiiiiiinnnnn TT

    I payed a lot for a purse and now I saw it's on sale TT but I already unpacked it and threw away the tags and everything........ rip I wish I had at least never knownnn :sadcat:
  3. K

    it's finally weekend..

    .. I come home from work and what do I get? my period! I don't even have any choco or a cat or anything.. how am I supposed to deal :pepecry1: I don't want to be perioding rn.... I didn't ask to be a girl :nekopout:
  4. K

    why you shouldn't let your kid repeatedly watch Jurassic Park...

    last night again, I had another nightmare about freaking dinos trying to eat me. I've lost count of how many of those I've had already....... sometimes they even manage to eat me and then it starts again and it goes on and on like that.. this time I woke up before it got too close..... but it...
  5. K

    remind me to watch this incredibly important video daily

    before I let it all go to waste and lose someone I treasure and fall into bitter regret pls TT (serioulsy tho, a lot of us need to watch this)
  6. K

    new year's eve........

    I have nowhere to go and I feel like such a loser, everyone else is traveling to some other country without me and leaving me all alone :nekopout::sadcat: the worst part will be people talking about their fun plans and asking about mine, guess I'll make up some kind of lie/excuse so they leave...
  7. K

    a few days ago...

    I prepared two beautiful fancy veggie burgers, thinking I'd treat myself with a nice dinner since I've been feeling the way I've been feeling guess where those ended up? in my tum-tum, you say? nah, try again.. well you see, my whole meal ended up on the wall and then on the floor :)...